Descendants of Nathan Harris (1758-1835) and Rhoda Lapham (1759-1849) have some interesting notable relatives.  Listed here are a few of such relatives.  Undoubtedly many more are waiting to be identified.
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Notable direct descendants of Nathan Harris and Rhoda Lapham
Martin Harris, Book of Mormon Witness (1783-1875)
Franklin Stewart Harris, President of Brigham Young University (1884-1960)
Nathan John Harris, Early Utah Judge (1864-1936)
Dallin Harris Oaks, President of Brigham Young University, Utah Supreme Court Justice, LDS Church Apostle (1932-living)
Jenny Oaks Baker, Classical Violinist (1975-living)
Notable relatives
Angell line
Truman Osborn Angell, Salt Lake Temple Architect (1810-1887)
James Burrill Angell, American Educator and Diplomat (1829-1916)
James Rowland Angell, Psychologist and Yale University President (1869-1949)
Alexis Caswell Angell, United States District Judge (1857-1932)
Robert Cooley Angell, American Sociological Assocation President
Frank Angell, Early American Psychologist
Constance Green, Pulitzer Prize-winning Historian
James Angell MacLachlan, Harvard Law School Professor and Co-founder of the National Bankruptcy Conference
Parkhurst Line
George Albert Smith, 8th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1870-1951)
Rainsford Line
Sarah Palin, Alaska Governor and United States Vice Presidential Candidate (1964-living)
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